Reward Packs were trial items that were given to players upon leveling up, not every level gave the player a reward pack and most item lasted for 3-days.

Post Parity Patch Edit

All Reward Packs have been removed from the game, additionally with the release of the Blacklight Holiday Patch all level requirements have been removed from all items.

Pre-Parity Patch Edit


The mouse over text for future reward packs does not reveal ahead of time what the contents are.

In Blacklight: Retribution the player gets a reward pack for every level up until they hit level 31. These packs contain a variety of weapons and gear that can be used for a 3-day trial period. (Note; these reward packs are currently not available in the PS4 version of the game.) Sadly when the parity patch aired they removed the mail and all level packs are now un obtainable.

Additional Rewards Edit

In addition to the reward packs, agents who level up will also receive a Weapon Tag Chance Pack that gives random weapon tag, even after they reached level 31 and above.For a while, there was a Datanode Chance Pack with every level up, but this was changed with an update.

Beginner Pack (Level 1)Edit


Here you can see the contents of the Beginner Pack.

Level 2 Reward PackEdit

BLR DE Reward LVL2

Level 2 Reward Pack Contents

Level 3 Reward PackEdit

BLR DE Reward LVL3

Level 3 Reward Pack Contents

Level 4 Reward PackEdit

BLR DE Reward LVL4

Level 4 Reward Pack Contents

Level 5 Reward PackEdit


reward pack level 5

Level 6 Reward PackEdit


Level 6 Reward Pack

Level 7 Reward PackEdit

BLR RewardPack Content 07

Lvl 7 Reward Pack Contents

Level 8 Reward PackEdit

BLR DE RewardPack Contents 08

Lvl 8 Reward Pack Contents

Level 9 Reward PackEdit

BLR DE RewardPack Contents 09

Lvl 9 Reward Pack Contents

Level 10 Reward PackEdit

BLR DE RewardPack Contents 10

Lvl 10 Reward Pack Contents

Level 11 Reward PackEdit

Level 12 Reward PackEdit

Level 13 Reward PackEdit

Level 13 reward pack

Level 14 Reward PackEdit

Level 14 reward pack

Level 15 Reward PackEdit

Level 16 Reward PackEdit

Level 17 Reward PackEdit

Level 18 Reward PackEdit

Level 19 Reward PackEdit

Level 20 Reward PackEdit

Level 21 Reward PackEdit

Level 22 Reward PackEdit

Level 23 Reward PackEdit

Level 24 Reward PackEdit

Level 25 Reward PackEdit

Level 26 Reward PackEdit

Level 27 Reward PackEdit

Level 28 Reward PackEdit

Level 29 Reward PackEdit

Level 30 Reward PackEdit

Beyond Level 30Edit

You will only receive a weapon tag chance pack. Level 40 is the last item pack as of Nov 1st 2012

Level 40 Edit

Winter ops - body camo.

Winter ops - gun camo.

Silverback - title

Level 40 Trophy - Trophy

Level 50 Edit

Bearded ops - body camo.

Bearded ops - gun camo.

ZZZZZ - Title

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