Assualt Rifle standard

Assault Rifle players first start with

The Assault Rifle is an all purpose rifle made for medium to long ranges and can be fired full auto The assult rifle also has one of the largest assortments of modifications in the game. When using the Standard Magazine the Assault Rifle contains 40 rounds and 320 spare.

Combat Rifle Standard

Standard Combat Rifle with standard parts

The Combat Rifle is a conventional style rifle. It is a semi-automatic rifle and can be configured to a to fill a variety of roles. Effective at medium to very long ranges, it can be a used in an assault or a semi-auto sniper capacity. Standard magazines have 10 rounds with 40 spare.

Burst Fire Rifle

Standard Burst Fire Rifle

The Burst-Fire Rifle has a bull-pup design. The main draw of this weapon is its abillity to fire a three round burst of very accurate fire. This makes it effective at medium to long range. Standard magazines carry 30 rounds with 120 spare rounds.

Weapon PartsEdit







Weapon Tag

  • Devil Girl
  • Three Of A Kind


  • Digital Red
  • Urban Digital
  • Hillside Brown
  • Brown Tiger
  • Dust Gray
  • Drifter