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The Shotgun is a weapon that features in both Blacklight games. In Blacklight: Tango Down it is a Primary Weapon, in Blacklight: Retribution it is a Secondary Weapon.


Although the Shotgun's damage is low it fires 10 pellets at once, each of which deals the listed damage. Instead of muzzles the Shotgun three different grips that can be equipped: the Briar BrSGP1, the Krane SG Bar-20 and the Overmatch M-CV Breach.


The Shotgun is a unique secondary in that, if paired with complimenting gear and armor, can be used as effectively as a primary.

  • Gear such as the Digi Grenade and EMP Grenade will blind the enemy, allowing you to close any distance between you and your target.
  • Tactical Gear such as the Cloak and Cloak Mk.2 will allow you to approach enemies unnoticed, which can be done speedily if complimented by light armor. The Barricade Mk.1 and Barricade Mk.2 are effective alternatives for those who use heavy armor and wish to approach enemies head-on.
  • Magazines do not come with the Shotgun, and the player must reload each shell individually, however, players can purchase magazines that increase both magazine capacity and reload speed at the cost of mobility.
  • The Briar BrSGP1 grip attachment is a must-have on the shotgun as it increases fire rate and decreases recoil at no penalty.
  • There are 3 barrels to choose from for the Shotgun. The default barrel (Titan FFB) has the highest range, while the Krane SG Bar-20 increases damage, and the Overmatch M-CV Breach increases movement speed. Both of the other barrels decrease range and spread, while the heavy barrel also decreases movement speed.


There are 9 different types of Shotgun Ammunition.


Premade Variants

These premade versions of the Assault Rifle were purchasable as stand-alone weapons in the Marketplace before the Parity Patch on PC.