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The Shotgun AR-k (SARk) is a secondary weapon receiver that was released as part of Blacklight: Retribution patch 0.982.

Weapon Overview

This secondary receiver is an automatic shotgun and has a quick Scope-In speed and high damage at close range, but it has average spread, small ammo capacity, low damage at range, slow fire rate (albeit better than the regular Shotgun) and long reload times. This secondary weapon should not be used against foes with automatic weapons such as the Submachine Gun or Assault Rifle. It is most effective when flanking enemies or taking them by surprise.


The SARk fires 5 pellets at once, compared to the Shotgun's 10, but has more than double the firerate. As a result, it will deal superior damage to groups of enemies or a Hardsuit, but cannot get the quick one shot kill the standard shotgun can.


  • Try weakening your opponent then firing a few shots to finish them off.
  • This weapon is best when paired with long-ranged weapons, such as the Bolt-Action Rifle and the Combat Rifle
  • Never use this weapon at range--instead pull out your primary to get a few shots on your opponent
  • it is best paired with the Drum mag for hosing down your enemy agents with pellets


The Shotgun AR-k has 6 different magazines available.