Shotgun AR-K 2

The Shotgun AR-k is an automatic shotgun. It has a quick aim speed and high damage at close range, but it has an average spread, a pretty small ammo capacity, low damage at range, slow fire rate (albeit better than the regular Shotgun) and long reload times. This secondary weapon should not be used against foes with automatic weapons such as the SMG or Assault Rifle. It is most effective when flanking enemies or taking them by surprise, as going head-first with the Shotgun AR-k would be suicide.


  • Damage: 23
  • Fire Rate: 250
  • Ammunition: 10/20
  • Reload: 7.67s
  • Zoom: 1.30
  • Scope-In: 0.15s
  • Spread Hip: 2.01 - 4.58
  • Spread ADS: 0.60 - 1.38
  • Recoil: 931.14
  • Range: 11/21
  • Run: 0.00

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