Siege is a payload-like Game Mode in Blacklight: Retribution that was released on August 13th 2012. Along with Siege there was also a new map released: Nuken.

Parity Patch[edit | edit source]

With the release of the Parity Patch, Siege has been removed from the game. The Developers plan to re-introduce it at a later date. The developers have further commented that there are no plans to bring Siege Mode back.

When the Parity Patch was released the reason for the removal of Siege Mode was:

Additionally, Siege is a game mode that does not work in a peer to peer environment that has host migration. Thus, for the sake of parity, for now we are not going to offer any Siege game mode until we have time to either redo it or make it work across all platforms.[1]

Overview[edit | edit source]

Enemy Scorpion Tank next to Gate 1

One of the teams must escort a player-controlled Scorpion Tank, while the opposing team will try and stop the tank from getting to the "finish line" before the time runs out. The Scorpion Tank can only move along a predefined path and must be piloted by one player in order for it move.

Aside from having to escort the Scorpion Tank, the attackers will also need to lower a number of barriers by hacking specific control panels placed throughout the map.

The Scorpion Tank will be disabled if its health reaches zero but will completely repair on its own after a specific period of time. Attackers can also use the Repair Tool to make it pilotable again.

The defending team will need to defend the barriers from escorting agents, and should use depot items like the RL5 Armor Stinger to incapacitate the Scorpion Tank long enough for the match timer to run out.

Combat Points[edit | edit source]

Certain events specific to the Siege mode will grant additional combat points.

Event CP awarded Description
Defend Scorpion Tank 100 Kill an enemy agent close to the friendly Scorpion Tank (unless you are the pilot).
Attack Scorpion Tank 100 Kill an enemy agent close to the hostile Scorpion Tank, including the tank's pilot.
Scorpion Pilot Killed 100 Kill the pilot of the tank, either by burning out or by destroying the tank. This will also give Attack Scorpion Tank.
Scorpion Tank Disabled 100 Given to all teammates when the hostile tank is destroyed.
Checkpoint Cleared 500 Given to all teammates when each checkpoint console is hacked.
Door Cleared 150 Given to the hacker of the barrier console. This will also give Checkpoint Cleared.
New Scorpion Pilot 150 Given upon entering the Scorpion Tank. A cooldown exists to prevent farming.

No bonus points are awarded for actually loading the tank on the endpoint truck.

Official video by Zombie studios and Perfect World[edit | edit source]


Blacklight Retribution - Siege Game Mode

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