Skyfire 1

A screenshot of Skyfire.

Skyfire 2

Another screenshot of Skyfire.

Skyfire is one of the Maps available in Blacklight: Tango Down.

Overview Edit

A retrofitted overbuild on top of the old city, this location is filled with intensely beautiful lighting and mood as sunset shines down. More than just a scenic view, the rooftops are key in supporting the city's wireless data streams that the terrorists aim to dismantle to gain the upper hand on Blacklight. Players have commentated about its resemblance to the Modern Warfare 2 map, Highrise, due to the skyscrapers, urban environment, and the helipad in the middle.

Gameplay Description Edit

Skyfire is mostly an open map, but with a bit of indoor in the middle. Adaptable weapons are needed here, making the Submachine Gun and the Assault Rifle good choices, while a good Sniper Rifle / 45 caliber or 9 MM can be versatile enough for all situations. Frag Grenades are recommended over Proximity Mines because of the few places where mines can can be placed effectively.


Top Down View Edit

Skyfire mini

Top down map of Skyfire

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