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The Slant-X2 - Bomber is a variation of the regular Dataluxe Slant-X2 helmet that may be purchased from the Customization Menu in Blacklight: Retribution.


The Slant-X2 - Bomber Helmet was originally an award item in Blacklight: Retribution but it can now be purchased from the Customization Menu.

This helmet could be won through the "RARE HELMET LOTTERY BOX", which was available post-Parity Patch, untill it was removed in the holiday update on the 18th of december, 2015.

This helmet was at some point available only as an award from the M.A.R.S. Hero Chance Pack alongside other awards such as the Hero character MARS - ARK M.A.R.S.


  • Rare


In-game Description

Heavy helmet. A row of large Sharks' teeth adorns this version of the Dataluxe Slant-X2.