The Slant-X2 - Camo is a helmet in Blacklight: Retribution that is a variant of the Dataluxe Slant-X2.

Overview Edit

This Helmet will mirror whatever body armor camo the agent has equipped.

The helmet was given away as an award for getting 1,000 kills in the week of the July Frag Fest: 4th of July Frag Fest! - Blacklight: Retribution website

This helmet could previously be won through the "RARE HELMET LOTTERY BOX", which was available post-Parity Patch, untill it was removed in the holiday update on the 18th of december, 2015. It is currently not for sale in the Customization Menu.

Rarity Edit

  • Rare

Price Edit

  • Permanent: n/a

In-Game Description: Edit

Heavy Helmet. A special version of the Dataluxe Slant-X2 that uses your armor camo.

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