Slumlord is one of the available Maps in Blacklight: Tango Down. (Was also a playable map pre-parity in Blacklight Retribution).

Overview[edit | edit source]

A screenshot of Slumlord.

An abandoned structure once thought to be taken over by homeless and refugees is revealed as a terrorist safe house. With this revelation an epic firefight erupts over a seemingly worthless piece of real estate that suddenly becomes a piece of pivotal property. The fighting on this map is mostly close quarters fighting.

Map Description[edit | edit source]

This map is L shaped, with the estate at the tip of the L. The estate is two levels High. Accessing is possible by two lower entrances, main stairs and side stairs. Many covers are available over the whole battlefield.

Fighting in the building is close quarters, while in the surroundings are mid range.

Crates[edit | edit source]

Top Down View[edit | edit source]

Top down map of Slumlord

Tips[edit | edit source]

As most of the combat on this map is close-quarters, the use of the Shotgun and Sub Machine Gun is highly recommended. Most players often take control of the ruined apartment building, giving them a stronghold on the map. Clearing out the entry points into the area with frag grenades will give your team a short window of opportunity to enter the area and begin your advance.

Proximity Mines placed on common routes of travel such as the stairways or the walkways leading from the enemy spawn can be useful for obtaining easy kills. Also, it is possible to throw a grenade into the other teams base from your base allowing easy kills.

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