The Snub 260 (Subnose) is a secondary weapon available in Blacklight: Retribution.

Weapon Overview Edit

This weapon was released in version 0.993 in December 2012. This weapon is similar to the Revolver due to its high damage and magazine.

The primary difference is the amount of damage dealt, the Snub 260 deals 60 damage per shot while the Revolver deals 97 damage per shot. Both have a time to kill of two body shots, while a single headshot with the Revolver with instantly kill a player.

Other than damage the other noticable characteristic between the two weapons to the firerate. The Snub 260's 600 firerate is almost as fast as the Assault Rifle even though this weapon is semi-automatic. While the Revolver's firerate of 200 is much slower.

Additionally, the Snub 260 has three different types of ammunition that can assist players or can change the weapon's play style. See the Ammunition Gallery for more information.

In-game Description Edit

A compact snubnose revolver with a higher rate of fire but less damage than the Revolver.

Ammunition Edit

The Snub 260 has three different magazines available:

  • Standard Cylinder: The default ammunition for this weapon. Presuming all rounds hit, the potential damage for this cylinder is 744.
  • Precision Cylinder: Improves Spread and Range, but impairs Recoil and reduces ammo. Presuming all rounds hit, the potential damage is 465.
  • High Caliber Cylinder: Increases damage to 125, but impairs Spread, Recoil, and reduces ammo. Presuming all rounds hit, the potential damage is 625.

Ammunition Gallery Edit

Price Edit

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