The Sonic Tomahawk is a melee Gear weapon that is available in Blacklight: Retribution


The Sonic Tomahawk is similar to the Exploding Tomahawk, but cannot be detonated. When thrown it deals 289 damage and it can be retrieved afterwards. 

As a melee weapon it does 200 damage, the same amount as the Machete. In comparison, the Exploding Tomahawk deals 175 melee damage. 


Even though the Sonic Tomahawk is a very consistent and reliable weapon, the arc of the throw and the small melee swing-reach contributes to its high difficulty.

  • Try to spot out enemies with light armor builds that could potentially have less than 200 HP for a quick and easy melee kill.
  • For enemies with heavier builds, depending on the situation, throwing the tomahawk for an instant kill could be a wise option.
  • Try to avoid direct engagement. Running at enemies while they are shooting at you is not very wise, since they will most likely kill you before you can get within killing distance. 

Surviving a Sonic Tomahawk

Per the Sonic Tomahawk Preview Page, the only way to survive a thrown Sonic Tomahawk is to have a high health build with the Melee Protection gear item. Specifically, the high damage build must have 243 health or more for this to apply.

Since the melee attack only does 200 damage, the only thing that would need to be done to counteract it would be to have an Armor build that exceeds 200 health points.


  • Uncommon


In-game Description

Thrown item. Throwable melee weapon that can be retrieved.


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