The Stun Mine Mk.1 is a piece of Gear that is a available in Blacklight: Retribution.


The Stun Mine Mk.1 is a mine that can be attached to almost any surface. When triggered by an enemy the mine will stun them for 5.0 seconds and create visual and auditory interference.

Additionally, when placed the Stun Mine Mk.1 will be visible on every enemy's HRV with a small triangular exclamation sign. This exclamation point is identical to what players see when viewing an enemy Proximity Mine Mk.1 in HRV.


  • Uncommon


In-game Description

An electrical surge mine that stuns nearby enemies, reducing their movement speed for up to 5 seconds. Will also stun a Hardsuit for 3 seconds. You may only equip one of this item.

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