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The T56 Trident is a Depot weapon that is purchasable in-game in Blacklight: Retribution.


The T56 Trident is a hand-held minigun with a single clip that holds 300 bullets and can only be purchased in-game at the Depot for 750 CP. This weapon is very similar to the one that the Rhino Hardsuit is armed with.


The T56 Trident is a devastating gun and is most effective at close to medium range against enemy players and even Hardsuits. This weapon is ineffective at longer ranges due to its wide spread when being fired. It should be used at close to medium ranges to kill waves of enemies or providing covering fire.

The T56 Trident is also excellent against Hardsuits. Standing in one spot and firing at a hardsuit will only work if the Hardsuit does not spot you or fire back. Instead, you should try getting in close and circle it. When circling it, attempt to hit its weak spot. If you can keep continuous fire on the weak spot at close range for a few seconds, you will be successful in dealing a large amount of damage to the Hardsuit.


In-game Description

Depot weapon. A minigun with an unparalleled rate of fire.