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The Tactical Assault Rifle is a Primary Receiver in Blacklight: Retribution. This weapon was released with the Parity Patch.


The Tactical Assault Rifle has a high base Damage but a slow firerate and is best used to engage enemy players at medium range.

This weapon was released on the PC version of Blacklight: Retribution with the Parity Patch at the end of July and the beginning of August 2015.


When using the Tactical Assault Rifle there are several factors to consider in order to be successful with this weapon.

  • High default recoil: With a base recoil of 6.74°, this is almost double the Assault Rifle's Recoil of 3.85° and much higher than the LMG Recon's Recoil of 2.93°.
  • Slow firerate: This weapon has a firerate of 450, making it slower than the Assault Rifle's 650 and the Heavy Assault Rifle's 500 firerate. Of all automatic Primary Receivers in-game only the LMG Recon has the same speed, all others have a faster firerate. This combination of slow firerate and high Recoil can make this weapon difficult to control when aiming-down-sights. A major advantage to its slow 450 fire rate is its ability to sustain fire, even with a 30 round magazine, so it can be used as a support weapon.
  • High Base Damage: The Tactical Assault Rifle's base damage is 67, the same as the Heavy Assault Rifle and lower than the LMG Recon's 68 base damage. This high base damage allows the weapon to be easily built for 67 damage or higher allowing for 3-shot kills when facing players with 200 or less health. Headshots can bring the time to kill down to 2 shots.
  • Spread: This weapon has the same Spread - Aim, Hip, and Move as the Assault Rifle.

Overall, players looking to try something different may enjoy the characteristics and play-style the Tactical Assault Rifle brings. With its high Base Damage and slow firerate, accurate aim is needed to be successful and can lead to quick kill streaks, but the Assault Rifle, Heavy Assault Rifle, and LMG Recon are similar to this weapon and in certain aspects better or easier to use. New players may want to look into these weapons first before taking on the Tactical Assault Rifle.


The Tactical Assault Rifle has 4 different magazines available.



  • The Tactical assault rifle features only 4 of the unreleased Elemental Foiche Magazine types instead of the usual 5, the missing one being the "Foiche MAG1 TAR"