The Duchess - S. Bertolette is a Sniper Hero for Blacklight: Retribution.

Hero Overview Edit

The Duchess - S. Bertolette is a sniper class Hero in Blacklight: Retribution. Originally The Duchess was only available as a reward from a Chance Pack.

The Duchess does not have a Helmet, though she is capable of using the HRV through an implant (for her Helmet Slot, it used to display OPRL VHolo Implant J21). As a downside, she had no protection against a Headshot and did not have a lot of Health. However, she moved quite fast, her sniper rifle had an extended magazine, her secondary weapon had incendiary ammunition, and as the extra Depot item, she had the A36 Brimstone.

Post Parity Patch Edit

The Duchess no longer comes with any Receivers or Equipment. All heroes are now similar to camo but can change the player's geometry as well.

Rarity: Edit

  • Legendary

Price Edit

  • Default: Permanent 70000 GP / 500 ZCoin

Alternate Skin Prices Edit

  • Ranger Duchess: Permanent 200000 GP / 1000 ZCoin (Rare)
  • Royal Duchess: Permanent 300000 GP / 2000 ZCoin (Epic)
  • Temperate Camo Duchess: Permanent 200000 GP / 1000 ZCoin (Rare)

Original Statistics Edit

These statistics are no longer relevant as all heroes now function identically to Camos. These stats only exist as a historical record.

Health 162 Armor 0%
Stamina 10.6s Run 9.53
HRV 70.0u Recharge 10.0u/s


Trivia Edit

  • "The Duchess" may be a reference to the animated TV series "Archer"

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