The SIVs

A screenshot of the SIVs.

The SIVs are Enemies in the game Blacklight: Tango Down.

The SIVS began to appear after the Q-Fever epidemic spread throughout Balik. The Q-Fever epidemic was spread and the infected people became known as the SIVS. They are called this because the "slang name" of the virus has become known as the "Sentient Insanity Virus." The actual chemistry is shrouded in mystery, but the ravages of the virus on the body and the behavioral and physical signs displayed by the infected manifest themselves in stages. A recently infected victim will still have the capabilities to operate a gun. As the deterioration continues, the SIVs lose the ability to operate complex instruments. Instead, they begin to resort of using blunt instruments, knives, and eventually - melee attacks. As the infection grows worse, the SIVs seem to be less restrained in fear. They begin to care less about their lives and become more immune to damage and pain. Sivs are Dangerous in groups and will lunge at the player if they get too close to one of them and due to their reckless behavior their very easy to pick off from a distance.

SIVs in Black Ops MissionsEdit

Sivs come in 3 categories:

- Clubs or iron pipes that deal high damage.

- Light close quarters weapons that deal medium damage, but are quite agile.

- Ranged ones with what looks like SMGs, pretty inaccurate.

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