Throwing knife

Throwing Knives Mk. 1 were released on June 6th 2012. It is a short-medium range weapon that does 200 damage per knife. They follow a parabolic trajectory, meaning they are affected by gravity while traveling through the air. Before throwing the knife there is a short animation in which your character readies it. While in this stance, you will be unable to use your HRV. Performing the melee attack will unready the knife. Throwing Knives can be reused, as a player can pick them up by standing next to them. The Throwing Knifes can be purchased permanently from the Marketplace for 750 ZEN, or 8750 GP. While affected by gravity they are very useful in close range combat. If you need help using a throwing knife go inside the training room and get some practice in. Even though it is kinda cheap it is very expensive for such low ammount of ammo.

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