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A Trophy is a type of cosmetic equipment in Blacklight: Retribution that is located on an agent's left shoulder.

Overview Edit

Trophies are purely cosmetic and do not alter any stats and are often rewarded for participation in an event or from other achievements.

One of the first available trophies (if not the first) was the Golden Beta Head, which was awarded to players who participated in beta testing.

Name Availability Price
Golden Beta Head N/A N/A
Pink Ribbon N/A N/A
Purple Heart N/A N/A
30 Days Of Fight N/A N/A
Reindeer Antlers Holiday Event Warm up by the Fire
Premium Reindeer Antlers Holiday Event 1000 ZCoin
War of the Roses Valentine's Day Event 20,000 GP
My Bleeding Heart Valentine's Day Event 500 ZCoin
Good Luck St. Patrick's Day Event 500 ZCoin
Green Fire Trail St. Patrick's Day Event 1,000 ZCoin
Green Lightning Trail St. Patrick's Day Event 1,000 ZCoin
Bunny Ears Red Spring Event Run Rabbit, Run!
Bunny Ears Green Spring Event 75,000 GP
Bunny Ears Pink Spring Event 500 ZCoin
Bunny Ears Magenta Spring Event Simply to Dye For
Bunny Ears Blue Spring Event Free (enter a code)
Bunny Ears Cyan Spring Event Free (enter a code)
Bunny Ears Orange Spring Event Free (Log in during the Spring Event)
Bunny Ears Purple Spring Event Free (enter a code)
Bunny Ears Yellow Spring Event Egg Basket Hunt
Bunny Ears White Spring Event Hunting Rabbits
Flashlight Trophy Yes 250 ZCoin
Prestige Trophy Prestige System NA

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