Greetings, Wiki Agents! ^_^

I came across this wiki and decided to add some stuff about Blacklight: Retribution, as so far, it seems mostly about the first part of the game. I have been participating in the Open Beta since the beginning, so I should be able to make some contributions here.

I have set up the German Blacklight wiki and linked it to this one, also used the same style, hope no-one minds ;)

Let me know if you feel I could make a contribution in some specific field of the game, or if you see a problem with any of my pages and/or edits.

Stay sharp, agents and editors!

Fridi San (March 2012)

My in-game CharacterEdit

Server: EU

Helmet: ArmetX - Beta Veteran

Upper Body: Allied Warzone oX9

Lower Body: ArmCom Piranha Z700

Trophy: Golden Beta Head

Body Camo: Veteran or Black

Weapon Camo: Bronze Metallic or Veteran

Title: Beta Tester



Favorite Map: HeloDeck


Loadout 1Edit

In my first Loadout, I have my Assault Rifle. I used to play with the first build, the Standard Solid Stallion, but recently I upgraded the magazine and it became an Express Solid Jackal.

Standard Solid StallionEdit

BLR Standard Solid Stallion

Damage 50 Firerate 650
Ammunition 30/120 Reload 2.40s
Zoom 3.00 Scope In 0.25s
Spread - Hip 1.20° Max 8.34°
Spread - ADS 0.12° Max 3.54°
Recoil 188.42 Range 53/108
Run -0.35


Express Solid JackalEdit

BLR Express Solid Jackal

Damage 50 Firerate 650
Ammunition 30/120 Reload 2.09s
Zoom 3.00x Scope In 0.25s
Spread - Hip 1.20° Max 8.34°
Spread - ADS 0.12° Max 3.54°
Recoil 188.42 Range 53/108
Run -0.29


Loadout 2Edit

BLR QuickSolidDemolisher

My LMG: Quick Solid Demolisher

Damage 64 Firerate 650
Ammo 80/240 Reload 3.33s
Zoom 3.00x Scope In 0.25s
Spread - Hip 3.55° Max 6.93°
Spread - ADS 2.13° Max 4.16°
Recoil 195.06 Range 57/124
Run -0.95

This is by far my favorite weapon. What can I say, I love the sound of it firing!

It goes Fop-Fop-Fop-Fop ... an then you may have to [PRESS SPACE] if you stood on the wrong end of it ;)

It is a LMG Receiver modded with a Vulcan r36 Spectrum Muzzle, Titan AR4-NightStalker Barrel, Taurex ACP Mod 0 Stock, a Silverwood CONS ELO-Tech Scope for quick aiming and an ArmCom H35-QUICK to reload twice as fast. I used Bronze Metallic to give it a 'Golden Gun' look ('Gold Metallic' looked too much like neon yellow to me). It comes with Standard Ammunition, though occasionally I rent an incendiary mag for 1 day to do some damage over time. Most of the components aim at improving Recoil, Spread, Range, and slightly Damage, while reducing Run speed. I usually have a weapon tag that further improves Recoil. Deployment: HeloDeck

Loadout 3Edit

Loadout 4Edit

Fridi StandardSolidExpert

My Combat Rifle - Standard Solid Expert

Deployment: Containment

Secondary WeaponEdit

Fridi StandardScopedClassic

My Revolver - Standard Scoped Classic

present in all Loadouts, though currently rotating with Breach Loaded Pistol and Machine Pistol


Other stuff I bought or earned permanentlyEdit


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