Blacklight Retribution - Vertigo Trailer

The official map trailer to Vertigo

Vertigo is a map in Blacklight: Retribution that features a rooftop terrain. There are some places where players can fall off the building and die.

Vertigo features wide-open areas which can be used extensively by snipers, and also close quarter areas and blind corners for mid- to close-range weaponry.

Map outline of Vertigo with all features outlined. Credits to Grady Lorenzo, Zombie Studios, Perfect World Entertainment

The map to the right was created by Grady Lorenzo using map imagery captured from the Vertigo map trailer released by Zombie Studios. The map outlines all features of the map, including elevators, ladders, and depots, and labeled areas of the map, pointing out the Helipad, Rooftop areas, Elevator Shaft, and Maintenance building.


Blacklight Retribution Vertigo Map Overview

The video to the right is an extensive video review of this map by Z3roArmada.

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