The Weapons Menu was a Menu in the PC version of Blacklight: Retribution before the Parity Patch.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Weapons Menu originally was where players would go to purchase and customize Receivers and their components.

This menu has been replaced with the Loadout Menu with the release of the Parity Patch.

Original Information[edit | edit source]

Original Weapons Menu

The Weapons section of the Customization Menu is where a player is able to buy and create weapons. A wide variety of parts can be changed about these weapons, including the Receiver, Muzzle, Barrel, Stock, and more. Every part of the weapon affects the weapon differently. The receiver has the greatest influence on all statistics of the weapon, so choosing one that suits an agent's playstyle can help them do well in a match.

The muzzle affects the damage, recoil, spread, and range. The barrel affects the damage, spread, range, run speed, and scope in time. The stock affects the recoil, spread, range, run speed, and scope in time.

The statistics that each component changes can help a player create a weapon build that they can use efficiently. For example, a player may want an accurate weapon with a high fire rate. They will likely want to choose an M4X Rifle or Submachine Gun and apply the parts they believe would benefit them the most.

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