ZCoin is a currency within Blacklight: Retribution that can be purchased with real money.

Overview Edit

ZCOIN items

Most items that can be bought with ZCoin

ZCoin is the name of the virtual currency used in Blacklight: Retribution that allows players to buy in-game items with real-world money.

ZCoin vs GP Edit

GP (Game Points), which are awarded for playing matches, can be used to buy all non-cosmetic items.

ZCoin can alternatively be used to purchase any item, short-cutting the need to accumulate GP.

However, almost all cosmetic items can only be purchased with ZCoin. Additionally, during Events there are some items that can only be purchased with ZCoin. These event items are often reskins of current existing items or new Camos.

Buying ZCoin Edit

ZCoin can be bought using real-world money at the ARC website. It follows the rate of 1 US dollar for every 100 ZCoin, starting at a minimum price of 5 US dollars.

Trivia Edit

ZCoin is also the name of a private cryptocurrency that uses zero-knowledge proofs ( )

Before the North American arm of Perfect World Entertainment became ARC, ZCoin was known as Zen. Zen could be purchased for any PWE game, but was irrevocably linked to whichever game it got linked to.

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